Kristin Tomasello was born and reared in Tampa Bay in wonderful and loving family. At the age of eleven Kristin’s life was changed when her father was diagnosed with cancer. This led to sadness, anger, and adolescent confusion. She knew at this moment that her mission would be in life to help transform the lives of others who were devastated by unfortunate circumstances. She has been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases: Lupus and Hashimoto’s. This hasn’t stopped her.

Kristin is now a professional model, motivational speaker, 3x Pageant Title holder, philanthropist, and the Current Miss South Florida.

Kristin started the company Kristin Tomasello Inc and was the founder of a non-profit that has helped more than 1000 students in Jakarta, Indonesia. She founded a special needs scholarship pageant with the vision to help children gain their confidence.

Kristin has been featured in; Chazon Magazine, Cover Girl, Tampa Bay Business and Wealth, and Hair N Motion magazines. Her desire is to help young girls and women rise from the ashes in any situation while turning their pain into purpose.